The Alexandria Coin Club is a privately funded non-profit organization, supported by membership dues and contributions.

Applications for individual and young numismatist membership are welcome. The club’s governing board reviews all applications.

Online applications for membership and renewals are available for download below. Membership applications may be mailed, or scanned and emailed.


At the start of the new dues year, 1 January, annual dues are $15 for Regular and Young Numismatist memberships. All members receive the monthly Alexandria Coin Club Newsletter. For new members who join during the middle of a year, dues are pro-rated for the remainder of the year.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be of good moral character.

Young Numismatists

The ACC encourages young and aspiring numismatists to join the club. Young Numismatists who wish to apply must be aged 10 to 18, and be of good moral character.

A parent or guardian must sign the submitted application.

Download Application

Click here to download the Alexandria Coin Club Membership Application.